Goodlyfe paid 20,000 dollars to do a song with Young Zee.

Photos were posted on 14 Nov 2013 at 3:38pm

This is good news for both camps. Goodlyfe crew and Young Zee’s management have entered a signed agreement to do a project together. The terms of the contract state that Goodlyfe will not only do a song with Young Zee but also go ahead to shoot a video together and will be paid 20,000 dollars in return which is a approximately Ugx50 Million.

This comes a few days after Young Zee changed management from Swangz Avenue to a solo promoter Shadrack Kuteesa, after his father accused the former of not doing enough to elevate his son’s music career.

As the Neverland residents seek a nod in the forthcoming Channel O Music Video Awards they have focused on releasing quality videos among which is their recent “Amaaso” shoot featuring Pallaso,we highly anticipate the video with Young Zee will be of great quality as well.


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