CELEB AFRICA.NET | http://www.celebafrica.net Breaking News | Gossip News | Uganda News | Africa News | Wed, 20 Aug 2014 22:39:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.4.11 Teen Choice Awards Fashion http://www.celebafrica.net/teen-choice-awards-fashion/ Wed, 20 Aug 2014 22:39:11 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=296 The Teen Choice Awards just passed and I have to say they are the most fashion fun in terms of the red carpet. The red carpet looks are always fun, flirty, and young (naturally). This year was no exception there were some stand outs and then some WTF moments. See the looks below.

I don’t know about you but I am not feeling this hair on Zendaya – at all. She looks like she’s trying to be edgy. The operative word being “trying”.

I like this look better. It is very her but that hair. Even Bey’s Drunk In Love wet look looks upmarket than this.

JLo was also there hunting for her next toy boy. Cute dress La Lopez.

Hilary Duff was in funeral mode. Remember there was a time she used to be one of the leading IT Girls? Ja neh.

Jordin and her Jason. She looked stunning and Jason well…looked like Jason. Have you heard Jason’s songs lately? Telling us lies about how Jordin is in bed – whatever dude the wildest this chick gets is missionary. Yes, that my assumption.

Demi Lovato and her zibhejeje performed. Lawd have a diet on her.

I am so for this look it’s crazy. If I was a fully certified shim I would rock this hard.

My girl Taylor Swift looked cute. Seems like she’s closing her legs to men these days. There haven’t been much stories about her and boys.

The Kardashians. They won an award for Best Reality TV. Kim looks stunning as usual. Kendall is channeling  working model. Loving how Kylie is growing into herself. Muy bonita.

How sexy, fun and cute is this dress. I love it and I rarely put the word love and Leah Michelle in the same sentence. Is she still dating that sex worker/gigolo/escort guy?

Selena Gomez went as plain as greek yoghurt.

This has to be my fave look. Nina Dobrev nailed it and hammered it some more.

This is what I call being too inspired,. Shay Michelle literally ripped off Kim Kardashian’s look from her Birthday. The nerve! The liver!

Teen Wolf and Modern Family played nice. Sarah Hyland her little Mila Kunis in her. to beautiful but that dress is for Mariah and believe me it’s not a compliment.

Which was your fave look?

The 4th Annual South African Comic’s Choice Awards http://www.celebafrica.net/the-4th-annual-south-african-comics-choice-awards/ Wed, 20 Aug 2014 22:17:18 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=293 1Firstly I would like to apologise to abahlali for a delayed post, some of you might know that I was away in Port Elizabeth to look after my sick mom and I’m delighted to say she has recovered. Thanks to the Almighty and bloggers that prayed with my family. You might have already read or watched the Awards they were held out in Monte Casino, but we believe it’s better late than never, right? R-I-G-H-T! can’t remember what really went down at this year’s Comic Choice Awards but I can vividly recall saying Best Produced, Best Produced Best Produced Awards ceremony I have attended since last! There were just no glitches it was a beautiful flow from one act to the next.

Yet again we were seated right at the back so we kind-a missed some of the fun moments (visuals), my friend fell asleep during the ceremony as I was giggling away. Khanyi Mbau was a guest presenter and some-one from the audience threw her with a ball as she was about to present…u-girl kicked the ball back to the audience, that Khanyi girl is a great spot shem I love her J she does not take isht personal she is playing the game as best as she can, Big Ups to her.

The guy hosting did a superb impersonation of uTat’ Desmond Tutu through-out the show.

Here are the winners

Scooping up this year’s Waldo’s were:

  • The Savanna Newcomer Award:  Loyiso Madinga
  • The Breakthrough Act Award:  Kagiso KG Mokgadi
  • The Times Comic’s Pen Award:  Chester Missing
  • The Savanna Audience Choice Award: Elton Mduduzi Ntuli
  • The Lifetime Achiever Award:  Mark Banks
  • The Comic’s Choice Comic of the Year Award:  Loyiso Gola

We spotted Amanda Du-pont doing here RGB thing. Nice body she has neh. Simplicity always gives me life!

Umhkulu Debra is slowly going to comedy manje, she was doing the school news cover act act…

Comedians abasabi shem, they make fun of everything and everyone and its best for people not to take anything personal just like here on JC…at times hehe

Lekgoa was a Skhothane

The abuse or not that happens at our schools today were played

They made fun of Thuli Mandonsela

Looking at this photo, I couldn’t help but think of what your bloggers said about Mongezi;s wife…would you still say that in this picture?

David Kau presenting an award

Made fun of Oscar as well. Lol

Debra and Manny

Mpho with big sis…

This how crazy things got J Hasting doing a collapsed Bonang with Mongezi and Mpho


The Lifetime Achiever Award:  Mark Banks

Tumi Morake ingathi ligunqu kweliroko. Lol

This is me trying to keep a straight face…Tumi is super funny maarn and crazy as well!

A bit of fashion…

Isibaya hotties J

Nami ngifuna ukushada so that I can be composed like Howza here.

Amanda giving us a leg-up pose

Me hearts some gangster looking Trevor Gumbi

Tips and date

In the spirit of FUN we decided to re-enact the TJO Moment ka Mecry Pakela. Hasting was playing Yvonne Chaka-chaka, Manny played Ousie Sibongile Khumalo and I…Mercy the bad girl Pakela. What do you guys think, Yay or Nay? Kwaaa

The Times Comic’s Pen Award:  Chester Missing

Mr and Mrs Wandile. I love love J

Chris and fellow American colleague

Tumi’s Boo thang Mr Morake

Remember the gays on Friends like These that ended up on twitter that ended up la ekhaya? Well…this is “loser” guy the one that was termed #PoorMichelle. His name is Mpho and asked we post him and we granted his wish… tadar!!!

A downa for the night was at the afterparty, we were told we didn’t have proper stickers for to enter we were told to be in contact with the person that invited us L we left.

Nicki Minaj gives Drake a lap dance in Anaconda teaser http://www.celebafrica.net/nicki-minaj-gives-drake-a-lap-dance-in-anaconda-teaser/ Wed, 20 Aug 2014 21:54:55 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=290 1Los Angeles – Nicki Minaj has just posted teaser pics of the much anticipated video for her hit Anaconda on Instagram.

The rapper’s pictures come two weeks after she had to deal with social media backlash aimed at the artwork for the single. The picture in which Nicki poses scantily in a G-String with her butt exposed has become an internet phenomenon.

In the pictures Nicki is seen giving fellow Young Money rapper, Drake, a lap dance. She is dressed in a body hugging pair of tights that showcase her bodacious curves.

Nicki took to Instagram to show her fans what they can expect from the yet to be released video.

Check out the Instagram pics:

ICYMI listen to the audio here:

We had a quickie with Siv Ngesi http://www.celebafrica.net/we-had-a-quickie-with-siv-ngesi/ Wed, 20 Aug 2014 21:49:09 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=287 1Cape Town – The dance floor is heating up as we approach the finale of South Africa’s Strictly Come Dancing

We got to have a quick chat with the 4th contestant to leave the show, Siv Ngesi.

The funnyman gave us insight on what happens off-stage and told us about his favourite moves, his favourite outfit and who he thinks the winner will be!


“How do you feel about having been the last comic standing on Strictly Come Dancing?”


“It’s weird,” Siv says. “You realise it is more than just a dancing competition and there is only so much you can do and the rest is up to the public. It was a great experience and a lot of fun, I am quite shattered not to have gone further, because it felt like I hadn’t even started.”


“Do you think the mention from Helen Zille on Twitter affected your popularity on the show in any way?”

This is what she posted:


“If it did, if that is why I ended up going home and if people couldn’t look past it then I am happy to be back home in Cape Town. At the end of the day you realise that it is not really a dancing competition, it is more of a voting competition.”


“Name the top 3 dance moves you learned while on the show.”


“Anything to do with my hips,” Siv says with a chuckle. “To be honest I never really listened to the names of the moves that I learned I just tried to indicate the move itself as much as possible.”


“Would you wear any of your dance costumes again, if yes where would you wear it to?”


According to Siv he will be purchasing the pilot outfit worn in episode 5. 

“I think I’ll wear it again for the fun of it, I really enjoyed it.”


“What do you have lined up next?”


Siv tells us he has gone straight back to work in Cape Town and has a busy schedule lined up. “I have a couple of jobs I am busy with at the moment and then I start shooting two new TV shows at the end of this year beginning of next year.”

Bonus question:


“Who do you think is going to win Strictly Come Dancing?”


“In all honesty, the thing about Strictly is that the person with the most votes will win rather than the best dancer. I think Asish could win it. You can’t even begin to imagine how much support he has. So all the best to him.”

Meddie Buys Ushs 800M Ride http://www.celebafrica.net/meddie-buys-ushs-800m-ride/ Wed, 20 Aug 2014 21:46:45 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=284 mediMeddie Buys Ushs 800M Ride. Ex-convict Meddie Ssentongo is out yet again to disprove rumours that he is broke

Reggae vibes everyday http://www.celebafrica.net/reggae-vibes-everyday/ Sat, 21 Dec 2013 08:10:08 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=280 1If yuh didnt get your self a copy just get it now and see wat the press has for u abwt u reggae musician .www.dailysun.co.za

Iryn Namubiru Worried Over Gabby’s Critical Condition http://www.celebafrica.net/iryn-namubiru-worried-over-gabbys-critical-condition/ Wed, 27 Nov 2013 18:27:44 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=277 1Following the fatal accident that happened a few days ago, in which Gabriel Epenu alias Gabby was left in a terrible condition, the families of Gabriel and girlfriend Iryn Namubiru are now worried.

In the afternoon hours of yesterday, Gabby’s life condition worsened as he slipped back into comma and this has caused extra tension for singer and vocalist Iryn Namubiru, the girlfriend to the news anchor.

Meanwhile, Iryn and Gabby’s family are combining financial efforts to fly the news anchor and reporter to Nairobi for further treatment as nothing will be spared to make him better in the shortest time possible.

Reliable information fom the intensive care reveal that lots people are flocking the hospital to comfort both families. However, good news is that Gabby is showing tremendous improvement and we hope he gets well soon.


Gravity OMutujju now Finally owns a super custom http://www.celebafrica.net/gravity-omutujju-now-finally-owns-a-super-custom/ Thu, 14 Nov 2013 16:04:33 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=274 1Gravity OMutujju now Finally  owns a super custom

BEBE COOL Vs GOODLYFE – Battle of the Champions http://www.celebafrica.net/bebe-cool-vs-goodlyfe-battle-of-the-champions/ Thu, 14 Nov 2013 15:59:46 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=271 1BEBE COOL Vs GOODLYFE – Battle of the Champions

Goodlyfe paid 20,000 dollars to do a song with Young Zee. http://www.celebafrica.net/goodlyfe-paid-20k-dollars-to-do-a-song-with-young-zee/ Thu, 14 Nov 2013 15:38:59 +0000 http://www.celebafrica.net/?p=267 1This is good news for both camps. Goodlyfe crew and Young Zee’s management have entered a signed agreement to do a project together. The terms of the contract state that Goodlyfe will not only do a song with Young Zee but also go ahead to shoot a video together and will be paid 20,000 dollars in return which is a approximately Ugx50 Million.

This comes a few days after Young Zee changed management from Swangz Avenue to a solo promoter Shadrack Kuteesa, after his father accused the former of not doing enough to elevate his son’s music career.

As the Neverland residents seek a nod in the forthcoming Channel O Music Video Awards they have focused on releasing quality videos among which is their recent “Amaaso” shoot featuring Pallaso,we highly anticipate the video with Young Zee will be of great quality as well.