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Posted on 01 Jan 2013 at 8:01pm

mutebiMutebi Norman AKA PHILLIP GANJA, A DIRECTO,PRODUCER,ACTOR ,COMEDIAN, and i studied DRAMA in uganda .I  was one of the best student in my drama school during THAT TIME and by then i managed to get a schoolship in high school, then after joined one of the best drama groups in uganda the bakayimbira dramactors who featured in the film hotel rwanda, i then later travelled to southafrica to promote my acting career . in 2004 i opened a music company called gmproduction and i was dealing with music events and actors then later i started a company called celeb entertainment which is trading as CELEB MOVIES C.C IN SOUTHAFRICA NOW , I PRODUCED A MOVIE CALLED WELCOME TO SOUTHAFRICA 1 AND 2 WHICH IS IN THE MARKET NOW SIGNED BY NEXT MOVIES COMPANY IN SOUTHAFRICA, THE MOVIE IS RECOGNISED AS THE MOST UGANDAN SELLING MOVIE EVER IN THE MARKET AND THEN AFTER I PRODUCED BRADINA 1 AND 2 ALSO DOING VERY VERY WELL IN THE MARKET NOW, IN BOTH MOVIES AM THE MAIN CHARACTOR AND PRODUCER, IN WELCOME MY CHARACTOR IS , MUTEBI A FARMER AND BRADINA AM A PLAYING THE ROLE OF TRADITIONAL DOCTOR. AM VERY FREXIBLE WITH ANY PART OR CHARACTOR AM GIVEN IN ANY PRODUCTION.      At the moment am busy with my new production THE BACHELORS A COMEDY DRAMA  WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY ME.





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